Ernie’s counting on you to help him defend traditional family values, the right to keep more of your own money, and protect your 2nd Amendment Rights right here in South Dakota. Ernie stands strong against the Obama/Clinton/Sanders progressive agenda that has “fundamentally changed America” by virtue of executive orders and Federal Agency overreaches.

The Democrats have successfully recruited opponents to all the Republican conservatives that represent you here in District 6.  They feel that because Trump is president it will keep solid conservatives home and they’re hoping to sweep left wing Progressive Democrats into office statewide.

We cannot let that happen, and Ernie needs your help!  A $25 donation buys 5 yard signs, a $100 donation buys a road sign, and $1000 covers a mailing. No amount is too small.  Can you chip in just $5 or $10 to keep Ernie working hard for you in Pierre?

You can donate* online or send a check to:

Otten For Senate, 46787 273rd St,Tea, SD  57064

We are boldly asking you to consider giving the best donation you can today, and thank you in advance for your generosity!

* Any individual may make contributions to Ernie’s campaign up to $1,000 during any calendar year.


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