Ernie Otten, Jr. won the General Election for the District 6 State Senate seat on November 6th, 2012.

“I want to thank the voter’s of District 6 for this opportunity to serve.  I am truly humbled by your overwhelming support,” said Otten, a life-long resident of District 6.

The Otten family settled in Tea in 1881.  Otten and his wife Betty raised their two sons there, and both sons are now married and raising their families in South Dakota.

“This is one of the finest places on earth to raise a family and pursue the American dream,” Otten said.  “But even here, big-government is beginning to kill jobs and hurt people.”

Otten ran in support of limited government, focusing on growing jobs, protecting family values, defending the 2nd Amendment, and supporting the community.

“We must promote real economic development by lowering taxes and reducing government regulation,” Otten said.  “South Dakotans expect small, responsible and open government.  That’s what I ran on, and that’s what I’ll work hard for in Pierre.”

Otten has over 27 years of small business experience, both as an employee and as a business owner.  He has been active in the home building industry since 1975 and is an associate member of the Remodeling Council and the Homebuilders Association.

Otten is active in the community, where he and his wife Betty attend Abiding Savior Lutheran Church and support Mission Haiti and World Vision.   Mr. Otten spent many years ministering to inmates at the local prison, and also serves as a Precinct Committeeman and State Central Committeeman with the Lincoln County Republican Party.

“As a small-businessman, I’ve seen firsthand the serious problems caused by big-government policies like ObamaCare,” Otten said.  “Unfortunately, business-as-usual politicians in Pierre are leading the effort to implement this nightmare in South Dakota.  This was the Number One issue for the majority of voters in District 6 and across the State.   I agree with Governor Daugaard, we now have to find a way to kill its implementation in South Dakota.”

“We must also stand firm for strong family values, for the right to life, and for traditional marriage,” said Otten.

“And South Dakota enjoys a proud heritage of hunting and responsible firearms ownership,” said Otten. “I will stand up for citizen self-defense and will work to preserve the 2nd Amendment.”

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